Every year around the world, hundreds of millions of parcels & mail go missing. Our goal is simple, recover them for their owners.
We Help Recover Lost Parcels for Individuals & Businesses. Start here

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Parcel Recon


I Lost My Parcel

Your parcel lost or missing? Sign in & lodge it, we'll send you SMS with its location when it's found.

I have the Wrong Parcel

Found a parcel? Sign in to log it, we will notify the right owner.

Paper Consignment Note

Now available to all couriers & shippers, preprinted trackable paper consignment note. Can now be customised to your brand. Ship and track packages on Autonomousy using paper consignment notes



Autonomously App is here. A secure, highly competitive and revolutionary IoT approach to shipping, tracking and receiving packages.

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IoT Shipping

Dawn of a new era, move from Connotes to IoT technology. The future is here and we are the leading the innovation. Get in touch and lets help you minimise your current parcel tracking infastructure cost to only a fraction with the latest IoT technology. It is secure, reliable, and universal. Making collaboration with other courier partners anywhere across the globe simple. If you are running a courier business or an ecommerce, get in touch lets talk. Our NFC tag Labels are free with all business accounts

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